Sunny Sunday Cooking

Spent the morning cooking, as I was out of yogurt and low on bread:

  • 1 gallon nonfat plain yogurt
  • Cracked wheat bread 1Cracked wheat bread
    From Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book
    I used home milled flour from hard red spring wheat and substituted yogurt whey for buttermilk. Very good, but sweeter than my usual breads since the recipe uses 2 tbsp molasses and 2 tbsp honey for 2 loaves. That’s double what my usual breads use.
  • Baked marinated tempeh
    From Candle Cafe Cookbook
  • Carmelized onions
    From Candle Cafe Cookbook
  • Waldorf salad
    From Vegetables Every Day
    I substituted dried tarragon and lowfat tofu mayonnaise. Tarragon is really good in this.

I used the tempeh and carmelized onions in the tempeh Reuben sandwich from Candle Cafe Cookbook (1 slice 100% whole wheat bread, Russian dressing with lowfat tofu mayonnaise, homemade raw sauerkraut,  carmelized onions, baked marinated tempeh). Delicious!

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