Jane PlassJane Plass specializes in making information easy to find and use through good organization, clear writing, and technology.

Jane works with information daily as a library technology consultant, indexer, editor, and avid learner. Her skills in organizing information have been acquired through her master’s degree in library science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, thirty years experience as a librarian, over twenty-five years of indexing experience, and editorial experience with reports and books. Her doctorate in optometry from Illinois College of Optometry provided insight into the visual aspects of information processing and learning. She has taken indexing and editing classes from the University of Chicago’s Graham School.

Jane delights in learning and in sharing her discoveries with individuals and small groups. Her teaching experience includes leading classes and workshops for colleges, libraries, and textile groups. She now uses the Internet to help busy knowledge workers manage their information, overcome information overload, and write effectively. See the Info Grooming website for more information about Jane’s services.

In her spare time, Jane enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, and hand spinning. She is active in Illinois Prairie Spinners and in the environmental team at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Villa Park, Illinois.