Gardening Season Begins

At last, a beautiful spring weekend after a long, cold, wet spring. I cleaned up the flower beds and herb garden, picked up sticks from the lawn, and sowed a few seeds:

  • Arugula – Sylvetta
  • Lettuce – Wild Garden Mix
  • Pac choi – Ching Chiang
  • Parsley – Dark Green Italian Plain (used all the seeds)
    Some is coming up from last year, but that will bolt by early summer.
  • Radish – Amethyst Hybrid

Dill, chives, thyme, and mint are already growing.

Bleeding heartIn bloom: bleeding heart, daffodils, and tulips. The lilac is just starting to bloom, and the allium are in bud.Grapevine leafing out

The grapevines are starting to leaf out; their unfurling leaves are a lovely pink with green undertones.

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